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Cutting Edge Agenda

We've spoken to over 50 of your industry peers to understand the business critical challenges your industry is facing. As a result the following hard hitting agenda has been formulated.

The agenda is still evolving so if you think you have a hot topic to discuss get in contact about speaking opportunities now !


Day 1 - Monday 26th January 2009

09:00 Chairman's Welcome

George Magnion, Senior Partner, GMM Solutions

09:05 The European Commission Standpoint

  • Evaluate what the US has offered in the way of compensation to the EU and what the European Commission has been actively doing in achieving this to aid your business post UIGEA
  • Understand the European Commissions activity in prevention of the US investigations in to the activities of EU online gambling operators and what this means in moving gaming and gambling forward
  • Utilise how the ECJ intends to clarify the legal questions raised on the compliance of a gaming monopoly with EU law to understand which markets you should be targeting next
  • See why they have referred Sweden and Denmark to the ECJ and how the outcomes of breaking down these monopolies will improve your bottom line

Wes Himes, Managing Partner, Policy Action

Clive Hawkswood, Chief Executive, Remote Gambling Association

 09:30 Operators Panel: Pushing for a liberalised Europe

The legal landscape is as high up the agenda as ever within gambling organisations today. Find out what the biggest operators have to say about the legal challenges they are currently facing. 


  • Get the inside track on what leading operators want from a liberalised European market
  • Discover how leading operators intend to overcome the legal hurdles presented to them
  • Assess the lobbying activities that are currently taking place and the win-win benefits these will provide
  • Understand the benefits in the opening up of new markets and the creation of new regulation to aid your strategic decision making
  • Take away Operator case studies on how the law has affected their businesses and how you can benefit from their experiences

Pontus Lindwall, CEO, Betsson

Mark Davies, Managing Director, Betfair

Richard Glynn, CEO, Sporting Index

Thomas Murphy, General Counsel, William Hill

Moderator: George Magnion, Senior Partner, GMM Solutions

 10:30 Regulators: How far away is standardisation across Europe?

  • Discover how far the European Commission have come to achieving a uniform standard for gaming law across Europe to help your business stay competitive
  • Navigate your way through the latest amendments to European bills and regulations to aid your expansion in the European markets
  • Get up-to-date on the European infringement procedures and find out what they mean for your gaming business

Andre Wilsenach, Chairman, International Association of Gaming Regulators

11:00 Coffee & Networking

 11:30 Associations Panel

Join the leading Associations from the gaming space as they take a look at the issues and challenges that your gaming business will be facing with over the next 12 – 18 months. 

  • Discuss what the associations are doing to support gaming across Europe and what this means to the growth of the gaming space
  • Examine specifically how associations are working with operators to open up European markets
  • Build an effective strategy for growth by listening to where the associations are advising you to place your investments next

Clive Hawkswood, Chief Executive, Remote Gambling Association

Mr. Helmut Kafka, First Vice-President, EUROMAT

Moderator: George Magnion, Senior Partner, GMM Solutions

 12:00 France

  • Learn all the facts on Frances controlled opening time line and how strict it’ll be in allowing you to take a slice of this lucrative market
  • Understand how the Roland Garros & PSG cases will now be overcome with the involvement of the French National Association of Professional Sport creating clarity for your operations
  • Expert tips on advertising in France: the do’s and don’ts to effectively acquiring French players
  • Take away all the latest developments in French legal cases that have hindered the leading operators
  • Identify key r responses from the Councils Working Party on the initiative for gambling policy by the EU French Presidency
  • Discover what are the licensing issues in France and which licenses are acceptable for you to maximise this markets potential

Thibault Verbiest, Partner, ULYS Law Firm

Anne-Marie Pecoraro, Partner, Aklea Legal Advisors

 12:30 Italy

  • Get the lowdown on Italy's introduction of skill gaming and bingo in the Autumn of 2008 and receive vital feedback on it’s progress and how you can carve you piece of this gaming pie
  • Understand the outcomes of the second round of betting license that have been introduced in Italy and what this means to your operations in the Italian market
  • Receive the latest information on how the Monopoli di Stato will have a crackdown on licensing and what the business repercussions will be for unlicensed operators

Quirino Mancini, Partner, SCM Partners

  13:00 Spain

  • Receive all the latest details on Spain’s new legislation that is coming into force in 2009 to bring you access to even more players
  • Take away with you all the the criteria to now operate there from understanding the Spanish tax system, the penalties incurred by non-authorised advertisers and details on the Spanish exclusion player register
  • Understand the LAE and the role they will adopt going forward and working with the gaming industry
  • Discover Spanish advertising case studies from Real Madrid FC to Sevilla FC and how you can maximise these partnerships to increase your bottom line

Santiago Asensi, Partner, Asensi Abogados

13:30 Lunch & Networking

 15:00 United Kingdom

  • Has the UK Government achieved a successful balance between economic gain and social protection?
  • What’s next in terms of legislation – and how will your business be affected?
  • Understanding the rules to make sure you don’t breach UK advertising codes in your newspaper, magazines, TV, radio and online adverts

Hilary Stewart-Jones, Partner, Berwin Leighton Paisner

Nick Hawkins, Legal Director, Danoptra

Moderator: George Magnion, Senior Partner, GMM Solutions

  15:30 Scandinavia

  • Discover how Norways experiencing increased uptake of gaming and further understand Norway’s open market and know the Norwegian governments standpoint on controlling the industry
  • Benefit from knowing the details of Denmark’s monopoly and their reaction to EC referring them to the European Court of Justice

Morten Ronde, Head Legal Adviser, Danish Gaming Board

 16:00 Germany

  • Understand the regulatory level: especially Interstate Treaty on Gambling 2008
  • Discover what is happening at German Court Level: German courts to the ITG enactment
  • EU Level: Position of EC to the ITG – and what will the ECJ decide on Germany?
  • Prospects & Outlook on Germany's i-gaming & gambling market

Wulf Hambach, Partner, Hambach & Hambach

16:30 Coffee & Networking
17:00 Gambling Businesses in a recession - Surviving and Avoiding Legal Problems

Gambling businesses, like any other, are under pressure and they will have to take some radical steps to survive and prosper in the current downturn.  However, they operate in a highly regulated environment and in this talk we'lI look at some of the legal issues that licensed operators will face when moving the business forward in the current downturn including: -

  • Aggressive marketing and social responsibility, are they incompatible?
  • Diversifying and refreshing your offering without breaching your licence
  • Reinforcing customer trust by protecting /ring fencing deposits
  • Protecting and exploiting your assets, intellectual property in particular

Peter Wilson, Partner, Blake Lapthorn

17:30 Jurisdictions for gaming: why you need to be aware of the importance    they play as European markets open up

  • Learn what jurisdictions are acceptable in which markets to make sure your business is in a position to successfully penetrate all emerging markets
  • Determine the benefits that these low tax economies hold for your gambling business to really maximise profits
  • Hear how easy it is to set up within a jurisdiction and come armed with all the questions you need answered!

Garth Kimber, Head of eGaming Development, Isle of Man

Robin Le Prevost, Head of E-Commerce, Alderney Gambling

Phil Brear, Head of Gambling Regulation, Gibraltar Gaming

Moderator: George Magnion, Senior Partner, GMM Solutions

18:00 Legal Gaming Industry Cocktail Party
Day 2 - Tuesday 27th January 2009

10:00 Chairman's Welcome

George Magnion, Senior Partner, GMM Solutions

  10:05 Legal Advertising: the ASA

  • Details to take away  on the ASA enforcement procedures that you should be aware of
  • Avoid the pitfalls in the legal advertising landscape across Europe by understanding further what you can do and where
  • Take away with you case examples of good and bad practice for advertising across Europe to make the most of your marketing budgets

Malcolm Philips, Code Policy Executive, ASA & Committee of Advertising Practice

  10:30 United States

  • The big question: can we expect to see the fall of the UIGEA in coming months?
  • Ask essential questions on how close are we to seeing an gaming revival in the US and understand the massive impact this will have on the potential growth of your gaming business
  • In the Autumn of 2008 why did the Republicans take the language out of the UIGEA bill to then replace it with stronger wording?

Martin Owens, Partner, Law Offices of M.D Owens

11:00 Coffee & Networking

 11:30 Roundtables

Extended Roundtable sessions for you to fully interact with experts in the space on the following markets:


Finland, Daniel Widman & John Eriksson, Widman Hannes Snellmans

United Kingdon, Peter Wilson, Blake Lapthorn

Sweden, Ola Wiklund, Wistrand Advokatbyrå

Denmark, Henrik Norsk Hoffman, Lett Advokatfirma


12:30 - Lunch & Networking
 14:00 Roundtables continued

Please note the change in certain Roundtables from the previous session.

France, Thibault Verbiest, ULYS Law Firm

Spain, Santiago Asensi, Asensi Abogados

Italy, Quirino Mancini, SCM Partners

Finland, Daniel Widman & John Eriksson, Widman Hannes Snellmans

Germany, Wulf Hambach, Hambach & Hambach


15:30 Coffee & Close of Conference








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